Here comes the sun.

Sunlight hitting my face after some 34 hours of breathing nothing but recycled air.  Standing on the disembarkment steps of our plane, hovering just feet above the South African ground, my eyes closed to kick my head back in line with the warm, warm sun.  Maximum soakage.  Maximum bliss.

It’s the third time I’ve been to Africa, and the joy for me always starts in getting off the plane.  Not sure why it amuses me so much, but I love the fact that I’ve yet to get off a plane through the typical tunnel and gate fashion as we do in the states.  Rather, every time it’s like I’m having my own old-fashioned Hollywood moment… descending the steps, taking my first steps across the runway, hair and clothing getting whipped around in the new air.  I think I appreciate that brief moment to just connect with the country/state I just flew in to… a reminder of why I came so far, a taste of the story to come on the other side of the airport… before I’m thrown in to the hell of customs, border control and not-so-silent prayers of “oh please god’s” that my baggage will please, oh please, oh please all be there.

Luckily it was, and a 10-minute chatty car-ride later, I’m suddenly standing in front of what will become my new home for the next month. Seventy-two feet and currently docked in Cape Town, South Africa, she is awaiting her transfer in a day or so up to Namibia.  She’s stunning, and her name is the Sea Dragon.

(CK – I successfully used all aft, starboard, sheet, etc. terminology, and tied the what what out of a bowline.  Thanks for the pre-trip guidance!)

Today was simply a taste of her beauty and a stroll around deck – after which the beach seemed like an amazing idea.  It’s Boxing Day here, so the beaches were fantastically crowded – which might have been the case anyways as it’s in the mid-80s for temperature.  The water felt just the right degree of frigid, and was kind of like wading in a seaweed facial – no waves to speak of.  We’ll get some later this week however when we venture east a bit for surfing and wildlife sighting…

Followed the beach up with 20R beers (less than $3) at the corner bar and watched the sunset – which I could hardly believe it – was almost 9pm!  I forgot, coming from Winter, that it’s really summer down here.  Having just experienced the longest hours of dark in the year, I’m now experiencing the longest amount of light.

Sun, water, long days… happy me.

Bottle caps hunting from the beach yielded some pretty rad designs!


  1. Love this! Excited to keep up with you on your new adventure.. and looking forward to seeing you in Buenos Aires! : )