Finding my groove.

Remember that game as a little kid… there was a wooden box and the surface of it had a raised maze built on it with holes cut out to the interior of the box. The goal was to navigate the maze with a marble by negotiating the use of two nobs on either side of the box to control the axes and the tilt of the marble in the maze.

A turn of the knob too far on the right, or not quick enough with the left hand to send the marble down the corridor to the left and not to the right, and the it would drop with a disheartening thud in to the bottom of the wooden box.

I've found the real life version of that game, and it's called Life on the Sea Dragon.

Except instead of holes in to the bottom of a box, there's a mix of other obstacles to not fall in to… of which we've all become quite the connoisseurs. Ping ponging down the hallways of the boat is a careful game of don't fall in to a crewmate's bunk (especially the captain's!). There's also how well can you get from behind the table in the salon area, turn a hard left, then a hard right 5 feet later through a 2 foot opening in to the kitchen and an immediate hard right to the sink. Another good one is how quickly can you extract yourself from your stretcher-esque bunk, dodge the teetering 4-tiered stack of veggies and fruit, and run to the heads (the toilets) at the opposite end of the boat to lose dinner. Or my personal favorite, don't fall off the boat.

You have to understand that I'm laughing as I'm writing all of this, and 24 hours and 7 puking sessions after leaving port in Walvis Bay, I'm really enjoying my time on the boat. It makes me laugh to have to walk up hill in the kitchen. I'm getting a kick out of pretending I'm surfing a wave on the deck as the boat rocks back and forth. There's already a joke on the boat to just dance it out… stumble, fall, trip, but recover with some grace and some groove. That I've found so far, the best places for dancing are on the spinnaker pole that shoots out perpendicular to the boat of the main mast, and also the front area of the boat that we call the "beach," where there's plenty to hold on to and swing around on. The dancing ends up looking a little erotic, but I'm sure we'll get more style as we go!

Things are great, and the more used I get to the boat's movement, the more pulled together these blog posts will be, as it's still a tad nauseating to sit still and run fine motor tasks. But, the weather is gorgeous, the crew is fantastic, and we're eating really well (though keeping it down is another story). Oh, and the boat has a killer sound system.

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