So close...

I can see land on the navigation screen. Not because I'm zooming out with the cursor, but because it's actually ON the screen.


Today marks the end of our fourth week at sea... 28 days, 4,213 nautical miles and 60-some trawls later. Granted we still have 250 miles left to go, and our faithful skipper never fails to remind us, "We'll get there when we get there," but my thoughts are already sufficiently turned toward the imminent shift in reality about to happen in the next couple of days.

I haven't had coffee in three weeks. Barring one night in St. Helena a few weeks ago, wine has all but vanished from my diet as well. Funny thing is, and I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I don't even miss it. Not a touch. Maybe that will change in Argentina... I think it would be something of a sacrilege to not imbibe in the Mecca of Malbec.

I'm looking forward to eating an avocado, a juicy orange aor an arugula salad. I'm going to drink the heck out of some mate.

Thought our dance parties on the boat - especially while doing the dishes - are fairly envious, I'm excited to have more control over the tempo of my feet and the freedom of not holding on to anything while rocking out.

Walking... walking will be nice. Or a might run around the parking lot until I can't anymore when we hit land. Some days on the boat, especially when the weather is bad, it's hard to get more than 150 paces in. I'm looking forward to hitting th ebeach or the streets of Buenos Aires, pulling a Forrest Gump and just going until I feel like stopping.

Probably most of all, at some point further down th eline, I am excited to cash in on some good hugs from friends and family that I think of often throughout the day. (From some sooner than others... D-berg, I'm hecka excited to see you!!! Hoooer!)

All that said, I don't feel that estranged... thought it's common sentiment on the boat that we could all go longer at sea if need be. This trip - albeit not over yet - has been completely different than I ever could have imagined, and pushed me in ways I didn't think possible.

Thus, if anything, it will be nice to have space to process, reflect and synthesize what the heck just happened in the last month. It will be a breath of fresh air to process my photos and muse within writing without feeling like I'm in a race against my internal puke-o-meter. I'm looking forward to the process of sharing, but also of diving in to the next adventure.

** UPDATE: sending this off the next day... the winds have been REAL intense for the last few days - and the faucet just turned off this morning. We're about 100 miles away from our final destination, bobbing along (in the wrong direction, but moving nonetheless), and will unshala be there tomorrow! More soon.

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